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    SVG to PDF Conversion

    An SVG file is a vector image. Since SVGs don’t have pixels like raster image formats, they are infinitely scalable, meaning they can be made as large as needed with no loss in quality.

    A PDF is a document format. Pretty much every operating system supports PDFs by default, which makes it easy to share a PDF with anyone regardless of their computer type (Windows or Mac) or phone operating system (Android or iOS).

    Why would you want to convert SVG to PDF?

    The number one reason to convert an SVG to a PDF is to make it easier to share. SVGs do not have the universal support we see with PDFs. Although most major browsers support opening SVGs, that’s only helpful on desktops and laptops. Mobile device users would have a hard time opening an SVG if you were to email them one, for example. Opening a PDF, though, wouldn’t be a problem, which is why converting an SVG file to a PDF might be a good idea.

    How to convert SVG to PDF for free?

    Converting an SVG to PDF is easy using the free online tool on this page. You don’t need to download any software or hand over your email. Your exported PDFs won’t have watermarks and you can convert as many files as you like without cost.

    To get started, please upload your SVGs. You can upload up to 20 at one time. If you have more than 20 to convert, that’s OK, because you can upload as many batches as you want. You are just limited to batches of 20 at the most. To upload them, just drag and drop the files onto this page or hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button.

    Once you’ve uploaded your files, our server starts the conversion process. Each SVG will convert to one PDF and that PDF will have one page. You can hit the “DOWNLOAD” button under each image’s thumbnail to grab this one-page PDF.

    However, if you wait until all SVGs have been converted you can hit the “COMBINED” button. This will combine all the SVGs in that batch into one multi-page PDF. Before you hit the “COMBINED” button, make sure the image thumbnails are in your preferred order by dragging them around within the queue.

    Are you ready for a new batch? Hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and you’ll be able to start this process over again.

    Converting SVG to PDF: Is it safe?

    Your safety and security are of huge concern to us. We assure you that our conversion tool is perfectly safe to use. After one hour, our unmanned server will purge all uploads and conversions. This ensures your security since your files will not be stored anywhere. Likewise, our server does not touch your master SVG files. If there’s an error with the conversion process, your original files will be safe!